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Pack No Kill CDE Camo


Pack No Kill CDE Camo:

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Pack No Kill CDE Camo:

Weigh Sling Tripod CDE:

Perfect for the concerned anglers that want to weigh their fish with more precision. It will allow you to save a lot of time and to limit fish manipulations outside water. 

It is equipped with a hook in order to hang up your pocket scale and has 3 adjustable legs to be adapted to every ground's relief.

Dimensions: 175cm unfold, 100 cm fold - weight : 3.2kg

CDE Camo Line Style Mat:

This new range of mat has been designed elaborated with the most performing materials on the market. 

A mat that is big enough and highly padded to allow you to manipulate your fish relaxed and safely, even big specimens.

Coating entirely with PU to protect the mucus, its padded and protective flap make this Mat ultra comfortable for fishes and moreover, easy to wash.

In order to protect your knees during camera shooting, you could lean on a flap on the side of the mat.

It is available in Green and Camo 


  • Ultra-Light Mat
  • Coating with PU 
  • Thick and very comfortable padding
  • Flap for your knees
  • 4 fixing points
  • Dimensions: 110cm x 75cm

Camo Floating Weigh Sling CDE Line Style:

This new floating weigh sling was conceived to guarantee you the maximum protection during the weighing process and fishes manipulations. The second purpose of this bag is that it can also be used as a preservation sack.

It allows you to easily weigh your catches and to let them recover within the water thanks to its floating structure. 

Given its big dimensions 135cm x 45cm, it can receive the biggest specimens.

Furthermore, it has integral zip opening that allows you to put the sack flat and a secure clip to keep the zip well-locked.


  • Double handles on each side 
  • Reinforced seams 
  • Integrated floats
  • Locking zip system
  • Exclusive Camo by CDE
  • Nets that evacuate the water
  • Fabric that preserves the mucus of the fishes
  • Two eyelets to facilitate the weighing
  • 3m cord
  • Dimensions: 135cm x 45cm
  • Delivered with its transportation bag

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