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Pack Carptour Receiver + 4 CDXFI Bite Alarms + Hangers


Pack Carptour Receiver + 4 CDXFI Bite Alarms + Hangers:

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Pack Carptour Receiver + 4 CDXFI Bite Alarms + Hangers:

Carptour Receiver + 4 CDXFI Bite Alarms:

This new set has been made from the best materials and the latest technologies in terms of bite alarms and indication systems. 

A year of test before its commercialisation has been taken to guarantee you a perfect reliability in any circumstances. This pack will satisfy all anglers from beginners to experts. 

Every bite alarm offers a wide range of setting possibilities: tonality, sensibility, volume and Jack plugin in order to combine them with your hangers. 

Features of the bite alarms:

  • Digital technology
  • 8 volume levels 
  • 8 tonality levels
  • 8 sensibility levels
  • Silence mode
  • High-visibility diodes
  • Enlighted delay of 20 seconds
  • Jack plug 
  • Rubber grip anti-slip
  • 100% waterproof
  • Integrated transmitter (a 150m range)
  • Low battery Led Indicator  
  • Automatic Night Sleep mode
  • Different sound for drop back bite
  • Works with 9V battery

Features of the Receiver:

  • Radio Transmission detection
  • Digital Technology
  • 8 volume levels
  • 8 tonality levels
  • Vibrator Mode
  • High-visibility diodes
  • Enlighted delay of 20 seconds
  • Perfect retransmission of the information
  • Different sound for drop back bite 
  • Works with 3 AAA batteries

Carptour 4 Illuminated Hangers Case - Colours

The new Illuminated chain Hanger set is composed of 4 hangers of different colours: Blue, Yellow, Red, and Green.

They can be linked to any bite alarms on the market equipped with a Jack plug of 2.5mm.

The tightening clip is metallic and adjustable. They will help you the information of the type of bites and give it to you by warning lights.

The chain allows them to be more flexible and easier to use. They are delivered within a case to protect them and to facilitate transportation. 

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