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Pack Mainline Essential Cell:

Mainline Mix Essential Cell 1 kg + Mainline Essential Cell Activator 300ml:

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Pack Mainline Essential Cell:

Mainline Mix Essential Cell 1 kg:

e truly believe in our ‘Better Bait Through Research’ ethos, which has once again led to another progression and step forward within our range of Dedicated Base Mixes with the addition of the greatly anticipated Essential Cell.

Essential Cell takes the nutritional technology found to be so successful in the original Cell to a new, unprecedented level. Building upon this knowledge, Essential Cell is once again a bait that cannot be described solely as a protein, fishmeal or birdfood based bait. It is a mix of crucial dietary ingredients and food sources that carp find much easier to convert into energy and condition than standard fishmeal or bird food bases. The result is base mix containing active ingredients designed to react in water regardless of temperature, triggering a sustained feeding response.

Yellow in colour with a fruitlike aroma, we are confident that Essential Cell is set to raise the benchmark of bait making once again. How can we be so confident? Well, following an extensive testing period of well over two years prior to release, the results enjoyed by consultants and field testers using Essential Cell have been exceptional. Meaning ‘confidence’ vital to your bait application is already assured.  

Mainline Essential Cell Activator 300ml:

Designed for use in conjunction with the Essential Cell Dedicated Base Mix, the Essential Cell Activator contains all the same ‘active’ and crucial ingredients in liquid form. The result is single liquid blend, containing every element required that not only simplifies the bait making process, but also provides the confidence that you are using these complex ingredients at the optimum levels for maximum performance. 

In fact, we do not advise the addition of any other flavours or additives, which could detract from the effectiveness of the bait – simply combine the dry and liquid food sources of the Dedicated Base Mix and Activator at recommended levels for assured success.

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