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  • Carp Spirit

    Carp Spirit is always increasing on the market since several years. It made an impact in the carp fishing field by proposing thorough product.

  • CarpOn

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  • CDE

    CDE has created himself a huge reputation for the quality of its products. It has a wide range of product with always the best quality/price ratio on the market.

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  • Daiwa

    A brand existing since 1958 and which today is renowned with an international reputation among anglers. From its reels to its rods their reliability and thoroughness need no further proof.

  • Delkim

    The British brand Delkim produces since several years the "must" of bite alarms and indication. An irreproachable quality in the field.

  • Dynamite Baits

    Seeing its reputation for its baits, offering a selection Dynamite Baits with their best products seems an evidence.

  • Enterprise Tackle

    Leader in the Baits imitation field, Enterprise Tackle products are used by the bigger names in Carp Fishing.

  • Fox

    Fox is always improving and keep impressing by its quality and the reliability of its products.

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  • Fun Fishing

  • Gardner Tackle

  • GOO

  • Korda

    The reference in the field of accessories. Who doesn't use or have in his/her equipment at least one Korda product?  

  • Mainline Baits

    Mainline quickly impose himself on the market as the leader with its baits and boilies. The origin of its success is only resulting from the results of European anglers.

  • Mistral Baits

    Mistral Baits have a 25 years experience in Baits. Mistral became famous with the Rosehip and developed its range since then to offer a complete one.

  • Okuma


    PETZL is the most respected and renowned Brand in the HeadTorch field. With their drive for Innovation, they offer high-quality product in order to make every one reach their maximal performances in sports and Fishing.


  • Rhino

  • Ridge Monkey

    A British brand which optimises your time and provides you maximum comfort. Anglers quickly understood the quality of their products.

  • Shimano

    Well-known as one of the global leaders in fishing products, Shimano creates, develops and offers quality products for any technique types. From beginners to specialists, Shimano will provide you what you need.

  • Spomb

    Dès son arrivée sur le marché ce nouveau concept de bait rocket à défier toute la concurrence, il est devenu incontournable!!

    Since Spomb arrived on the market, this new concept of bait rocket became defy competition. It became unmissable.

  • Starbaits

    A French brand which stays among the leaders with its bait range.

  • Trakker

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